2019 Race Season

BSB Silverstone Round 1
April 19-21, 2019

Round 1 of the BSB junior cup at Silverstone UK and the boy had an awesome debut coming away with a 5th in the first race and managed to lead the second race a couple of times and had to dig in to get a well earned 4th place in the second race.

With all the support from Tim White Team Afterdark Jack went about his work this weekend composed and confident but at the same time i have never seen so happy which is mega important for a 15 year old racing a motorbike.

Richard Buttle you are a top bloke and a fantastic mechanic and it was a pleasure watching you gell with Jacko.
Huge thanks to Vinny (Kidney Stone) Meadows for help this weekend you was top draw mate, great banter and top battenburg cake.

Big thanks to the Mss performance team for tinkering with the Jacks 400 Kawasaki.

Back to Canada Wednesday then Jack flies to California for training on Friday for a while then on to round 2 bsb at Donington in May.

Massive thanks to everyone that continues to help and support Jack on his journey.
Kali Protectives thank you for the package, Helmets Awesome as Always MSS Performance Ltd. Tim White Team Afterdark Cali Track Days LIQUI MOLY USA Inc. Galfer USA 4SR – For Street Racing TCX Boots USABurnaby Kawasaki Prostock Athletic Supply Ltd. Hall Constructors CorpNigel Harvey BOX 2 FIT

BSB Testing Silverstone
March 29, 2019

First time on this track and loved it! My goal was to be in the top 5 re lap times, and I managed to do it! Really looking forward to Round 1 BSB Jnr Cup Series, back at Silverstone April 19/20/21. Was great seeing the boys again Team Afterdark. The bike will now go to our friends at MSS Performance Ltd. for some upgrades 😀

Big thank you to Richard Buttle aka Baggy! my mechanic and to Deborah Nigh for having me stay with them. Has been great to go out cycling and training with you both, and looking forward to some more cycle rides along the countryside, before BSB Round 1.

I want to say a huge thank you to Jason JP43 Training for all your support and great advice you always give me.

Also a big thank you to Bill Schaffer and Bogna Davis for their continued support and updates to my website www.jackroachraicng.com

Again thank you to all my sponsors for your fantastic products and continued support
Team Afterdark Kali Protectives LIQUI MOLY USA Inc. MSS Performance Ltd. 4SR – For Street Racing @CT Racing Cali Track Days Galfer USA Burnaby Kawasaki Prostock Athletic Supply Ltd. Hall Constructors BOX 2 FIT Nigel Harvey

Cartagena, Spain Testing Report
March 27, 2019

Back from testing in Cartagena Spain, with Team Afterdark. Had fantastic time with great results, bike was awesome. Bonnie Lane thank you for the great photos you took. Pam thank you for letting us stay with you.

Now looking forward to British Superbike test day this week, Silverstone! Once again a big thank you and huge amounts of thanks to all those helping me out this season.

Tim White, Team Afterdark MSS Performance Ltd. Kali Protectives LIQUI MOLY USA Inc. CT Racing Cali Track Days Galfer USA Burnaby KawasakiProstock Athletic Supply Ltd. Hall Constructors BOX 2 FIT Loon CollectiveRichard Buttle Nigel Harvey

2019 Race Season Prep Update
March 13, 2019

Its been a long time that i havent posted and that is because we have been getting ready for the bsb 8 round junior cup series in the uk.
I arrived in the uk from Canada March 1st then we traveled through France and Spain with the Team Afterdark boss Tim White to Cartagena in the south of Spain for the 3 day test there.

The track was awesome although a little dusty from sand, its a technical track but it flows so didnt take to long to learn it.
We had some new parts from k tech, MSS performance to test and being back on Pirelli tires has been great.
I really enjoyed being part of Team Afterdark and every one was fantastic in helping me on and off the track, it was also nice to meet and spend time with the team sponsors.

Overall we improved 400 Kawasaki over the 3 days, i came away happy with my lap times and the Team was pleased with my performance.
Looking forward to the next test at Silverstone end of March.

After the 3 day test my Dad arranged some on track training in Spain in Benidorm, ive never done this sort of thing before so there was loads to learn.
After days of riding with Nigel Dury as my 1 on 1 coach i have learned so much, it has been awsome and a massive learning experience.

We head back to the uk tomorrow to get down to serious gym work and road biking.
My racing experiences would not be possible with out the help of all sponsors,family and friends so a big thank you to you all.

New Colors for 2019 Race Season!
February 10, 2019

New colours for 2019 season.
Super exited to go pre season testing in Spain and stay there for training.
Then on to the uk to pre season test at Silverstone.

Massive thank you to Nigel Harvey for the graphics.

Many Thanks To Jack’s Sponsors!