2018 Race Season

CVMA – Chuckwalla Raceway Round #2
Oct 27-28, 2018

Round 2 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway started with JP43 Training on Thursday. Thank you to Michael Gilbert Racing and Caroline Olsen Racing for helping me out this weekend.
On Friday I only did the racers practice and not the whole day. In the morning we found some issues with the clutch in the Kawasaki Ninja 400, but fortunately we managed to fix the problem. In the afternoon practice we changed the set up on the bikes suspension, thank you to Tige for helping us out!

Saturday I went out for qualifying, ending up with 4th on the grid. I had 2 races that day, the first race I finished 3rd in the 500 Super Sport and the second race finished 4th in Ultra Lightweight. Sunday we tried the new MotoAmerica slicks, they were that sticky we had to change the suspension set up on bike! I had 3 races, finishing 3rd in the 500 Super Sport, 3rd in the Ultra Lightweight and in the MotoAmerica race I had a DNF due mechanical problems. I managed to knock 2 seconds off my lap time which I was really pleased about too!

This weekend was very productive with the bikes and for me, due to bike set up and training with JP43 Training.


CVMA – Chuckwalla Raceway Round #1
Oct 15-16, 2018

Thought I would write the post for Jack from last weekends 1st round CVMA at Chuckwalla CA, rounding up the season to date! It’s been a fantastic 1st big bike season for Jack, affectionately known in the paddock, as Lil Shit!! This time last year Jack was riding a 300 Kawasaki in the Novice class at Chuckwalla, Winter Series.
It’s been marvelous to see his on track development, from winning races at AFM, OMRRA and competing in 4 rounds at MotoAmerica junior Cup. Jack will compete in the full Winter CVMA Series at Chuckwalla, on the Kawasaki 400’s supplied by MotoCrew USA
Jack finished 2nd in the SS 500 and 2nd in the Ultra Light Weight on Saturday. On the Sunday he decided to Belly Flop off the 400, in his first race, whilst in 2nd place!! Quite a fast one to be honest, thankfully no injuries but it knocked the shit out of him! The boy showed character and rounded the weekend off, with a 2nd place in his final race Sunday. He also bettered his lap times by 2.2 seconds from last year, so overall very happy the the weekend.
Manny (aka Yoda) you are a star mate. Thank you for being Jacks teammate for the weekend, it was mint (awesome) to watch you working with Jack. You was teacher, mentor, rear tail gunner & gentleman, all rolled into one.
Mickey and Aimee Grana a huge thank you for looking out for the Lil Shit! Michael none of this season would be possible without your help and support. Our family are truly grateful to have the help and support of so many friends / family / sponsors Jack Roach Racing


MotoAmerica Junior Cup – Sonoma Raceway Round #7
Aug 10-12, 2018

Round 7 MotoAmerica Cycle Gear Championship of Sonoma – Junior Cup!
I heard a lot about this track and really wasn’t sure what to expect! Went out for Practice Friday morning to learn, this track was a very technical one! I was hearing from lots of people, Sonoma is the hardest track of them all, which meant I had a lot to learn in a short space of time! Fridays practice went well, weather was perfect but learning this track was Hard. Qualifying 1 I managed to hold 20th Position and Saturday qualifying I bumped back to position 24. Race 1 ended with me finishing in 20th and Sunday race 2 I finished 24th. I couldn’t help feeling disappointed, as I was hoping for better results.

As always I had amazing support from our teams crew and friends. Thank you to everyone who supported and helped me this weekend.

Now looking forward to travelling to the UK, to take part in the British Talent Cup, at Silverstone, next week!!


MotoAmerica Junior Cup – Laguna Seca Raceway Round #4
June 22-24, 2018

Prior to Round 4 at Weather Tech Laguna Seca MotoAmerica Junior Cup, we went to visit Kali Motorsports factory. We were made to feel very welcome and it was great to see how the helmets I wear, are made and designed. When we got to Laguna I went out for the free practice 20 minute session. This was hard to learn a new track in only 20 minutes! Qualifying 1 on Friday, I made 25th on the grid. Then in Qualifying 2, Sunday morning I made 22 on the grid for the race. I got a great start in the race and ended up in 16th place, lap 1. Lap 3 was caching a group of 5 infront, from 13th place. Unfortunately I hysided the MotoCrew USA MSS Performance Ltd.Kawasaki 400, coming out of turn 2. I put this down to being to eager to catch the group in front and should have taken more time! As my dad says….That’s Racing and the next time I decide to play in the sand, he’s going to give me a bucket and spade! At the start of the weekend I was over 8 seconds a lap slower than the front guys, i managed to get this down to under 2 seconds during my race. This was down to the fantastic crew I had help and support me all weekend, couldn’t have done this without the MotoCrew USA family.

I now look forward to AFM – Thunder Hill and then on to Utah Motorsports Park, for the next MotoAmereica Junior Cup Round.


AFM – Buttonwillow Raceway Round #2
April 14-15, 2018

Fridays practice was awesome! I went out on the MotoCrew USA Kawasaki 300 in the morning while the Kawasaki 400 was being worked on. I felt confident with my riding as I knocked 2 seconds off my personal best, from round 1. Once the 400 was ready, I took this out but had some mechanical issues.

On the Saturday I had practice and then had 1 race, which was on the kawasaki 300. I finished with a six place, not the result I was hoping for. I went out for qualifying in the Formula 3 and qualified in fourth position.

On the Sunday I had one round of practice in the morning and had four races. In the first race I rode the kawasaki 300 in the 250 Superbike class and finished in fourth place. The second race was in the Formula Twins class and this was on the MotoCrewUSA mssperformance Kawasaki 400. The first half of the race I had a great battle with Brett Voorhah and was pulling away but on the last two laps, I had clutch issues. I managed to hold my first position until the end, with a win and fastest lap. Race 3 was on the Kawasaki 400 as we managed to get the clutch fixed. This was in the Formula three class. I got one lap in and then the clutch completely fried, which took me out of the race. My final race of the day was in the World Supersport 300 class. I managed to hang on to the leader but on the last two laps got stuck behind backmarkers, giving me a second place finish. The team performance was massively helped by telemetry we had on the bikes all weekend, this gave me so much more confidence to see all the information on the laptop. Michael Yamaguchi was doing his best to educate my Dad with the telemetry and laptop ..lol

Overall I was proud of my performance as this was my first time racing the MotoCrew USA MSS Performance Ltd. Kawasaki 400.


AFM – Buttonwillow Raceway Round #1
March 17-18, 2018

On Fridays practice in the morning it was cold. I had to take it easy on the first couple of sessions. It was hard for me to get back into the groove after my crash at CVMA race at Chuckwalla. My mindset was not in the best place as I had 2 pins in my wrist!! My lap times were not where I wanted them to be, which was disappointing. The MotoCrew USA Kawasaki 300 was running just fine as was the Moriwaki 250.
On Saturday morning, it was cold again so took things steady. As the day went on the track temperature rose quite quickly and I was able to push more. There were some parts of the track I was more tentative with as was still having thoughts of not wanting to crash! In the afternoon I had my first race, which was on the Kawasaki 300. I was 16th on the grid and finished 11th, which was good, because I was aiming for top 10.
Sunday was a really good days racing! I felt confident with my abilities and was in a different mindset from the past 2 days. The morning practice I didn’t go out, as it was the coldest morning yet and I didnt want to risk anything. My first race of the day was on the Kawasaki 300. I was 20th on the grid and finished 10th, which I was happy with. The second race I managed to snatch 8th position. We then went into the afternoons racing with perfect racing conditions and I finished 7th place on the 300. My final race of the day I placed 12th on the grid. in the World SuperSport 300 and finished up fourth!
Overall I was proud of my performance as this was my first race competing in Expert with AFM.
After the racing on Sunday we made our way to Bill who has been awesome and providing us with a place to stay and also workshops, so we can work on the bikes. Big thank you to Bill and Bogna for everything you have done for us. Also thank you to Jennifer Parry Alexander and family for putting us up after my wrist op! Where would we be without our racing family! Another big thank you to Dr Arthur Ting and Ryan Ting, without you doing the surgery I wouldn’t have raced!


Many Thanks To Jack’s Sponsors!